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Chiller Theatre Expo
Frequently Asked Questions

Here are many of the Frequently Asked Questions about the shows each year...

We get TONS of email. Please review the FAQ and other pages before submitting requests. This FAQ is updated frequently. If your question isn't covered here, Email us!

How can I get tickets to the show?
You'll find forms and info, including ticket cost, on the Tickets page. If you do not meet the advance ticket deadline, you may purchase tickets at the door.
If I buy tickets at the door, can I use a credit card?
No, we don't accept credit cards at the ticket window.
I bought Sunday tickets... can I use them on Friday (or) Saturday?
Tickets are not labeled for specific days, so you can use tickets any day.

Are we allowed reentry to put stuff bought away?
Certainly! You are given a wristband to wear which allows you to leave and come back at any time.

I ordered Advance Tickets online, but they haven't arrived yet?
We usually start mailing tickets out three weeks prior to the show (NOT when you order them). Tickets are sent via the USPS. Keep an eye on the main page for when mailings start. If you haven't received the tickets by the Monday prior to the show and you ordered your tickets long before that, then please go here to find out what to do.

Be aware that Tickets are numbered, & we keep track of the tickets ordered. If we discover false lost tickets claims (canceled Paypal transactions or you told us you didn't receive tickets) we will report infractions to the police present at the show, immediately. This also goes for fake tickets, and false or fake wrist bands.

I fill out a VENDOR'S APPLICATION for a table but never get a reply to send in payment?
For many shows all tables are filled during the previous show. The applications are mainly used as stand-bys in the case vendors cancel. To ensure you have a table see Kevin at the head table, in the lobby of the Hotel, on the last day of the previous show. He mans the table Sunday afternoon for the express purpose of taking table orders for the next show.

How do I get to the show?
You'll find directions to the Hotel at the Directions Page. If the show is outside New Jersey, go to that particular show page for detail directions!

I would like a PRESS PASS for this event?
Press passes must be submitted at least 2 months prior to the event. We do NOT give press passes to websites. Press Passes are for TV, Radio & Print Media ONLY with 2 forms of proof with byline.

Will such-and-such be there?
As soon as we get confirmation of appearance, Guests are instantly put on our guests page. Keep checking back as the show dates get closer! ALL GUEST APPEARANCES are subject to last-minute cancellation due to work commitments (or health). This is unavoidable when booking guests who are in-demand or current industry professionals. Cancellations, if any, will be reported on the main page.

Will guests be signing at times or all weekend?
Unless otherwise noted on the Guest page, guests are scheduled to appear and sign all three days. Most guests sit at a table throughout the weekend. As for early admission, all guests agree to be available during the extra hour.

Will there be official Photo Shoots & if so can you order tickets beforehand?
Any photo shoots that are planned during the Expo will have information and details posted on the main page.

If I purchase tickets for one of the Photo Shoots, do I still need to purchase tickets to the convention itself as well?

If the guest has a Photo Shoot, does that mean you can't get an autograph or photo at their table?
Guests will be available at their table UNLESS specifically noted on the guest page that they're only doing
a photo-op.

You say the Guests list has been started but I don't see them listed?
Your web-browser cache is showing the old page... try holding down the CTRL key while you refresh the page, and the newest page should show up.

How much do guests charge for autographs?
Guests set their own prices...

(and if they tell you the Show sets the prices, call um' on it!! It isn't true! In the event ANY guest tells you this, PLEASE contact any of the Senior Staff at the show IMMEDIATELY!! We will take care of the matter on the spot and there will be a good chance that guest will be removed from the show!)

The majority of Guests charge for autographs. Almost all have a nice selection of photo's to purchase and have signed. As for signing things you bring in, each Guest makes their own decision on whether they sign them or not. You will have to check with them. Also be aware that some Celebrities are now charging to have their pictures taken with them! Bottom line: The fans set the prices!

I can't make it to the show - can you get autographs for me?
Chiller Theatre does not retrieve autographs for fans. Many Chiller guests reappear. If you really need an autograph, you might want to ask someone you know is going to the show.

The schedule for Saturday says 10-7pm, but then there is a Costume contest at 8PM? What is the real Sat. nite schedule?
The normal convention, (i.e. Guests and Vendors areas), end at 7pm. There is an after party event consisting of a Costume Contest & Live music that goes on late into Saturday night.

I want to see the bands playing Saturday night. Does admission include this?
If you have tickets for the Saturday show, it includes admission to Saturday night's events. Wristbands WILL be checked, so don't throw them away after the regular convention day is over!!

I'm attending Sunday, but want to see the bands playing Saturday night. Can I get a wrist band that late?
Yes. Staff personnel will be stationed by the stairs leading down into the 'Living Room' area where you can purchase a wrist band.

When is the Costume Contest?
The Costume Contest is judged during Saturday night's events. Usually around 8pm. (again, check the main page for exact times).

I'm working on a project, can you get me in touch with one of your guests?
Chiller Theatre cannot, and will not, give out any information about any of our guests.

Can I bring a camera or video camera?
Cameras are allowed, video camera's are not. If we receive complaints from the guests, you may be asked to store the camera elsewhere. Keep in mind that the show gets very busy. Keep personal items on your person, and be careful not to carry extremely large items through the expo as you don't want to block people's view.

Can I smoke at the expo?
There is no smoking in the Hotel any longer.

I don't have money, but am willing to work my way to go to Chiller. Can I work for the tickets?
Chiller Theatre has a staff of its own.

Can I do other work for you? I have a degree in marketing...
Chiller Theatre has a staff of its own.

How can my band play at Chiller?
Chiller Theatre, Inc. normally books entertainment on its own. But, you can send an info kit and CD or cassette to us for consideration. Please note that we only use rock and related bands. No rap, reggae, disco, you get the point...

       Chiller Theatre
       PO Box 23
       Rutherford, NJ 07070

I e-mailed you yesterday with no response!!
Ygor receives tons of e-mail, so response time could take up to 72 hours, but it is usually within 36 hours. If you don't hear from us within 3 days, or if your request is definitely urgent, then feel free to badger us again. Note: if the question is answered here and you were too lazy to check here first, Ygor just loves to delete messages!

How much money should I budget for the show?
We're not sure what your spending habits are, but keep in mind that you will need money for:

  • Admission to the show
  • Food and other essentials
  • Autographs and guest items
  • Merchandise you plan to buy
  • Hotel room/transportation
  • Incidentals/last minute buying

There is an ATM available at the hotel.

Once you have budgeted, we suggest bringing a little extra, just in case.

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