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When Ghouls, Goblins and
Creatures of the Night appear,
rest assured that Zacherley is near!

Enter his world for some fun
and a thrill, but do so carefully and
of your own free will!

In Memoriam

It is with a heavy heart that we
report John Zacherle passed away
on Oct 27th, 2016, at the age of 98.

John Zacherle

Who the heck is Zach, anyway?
Here's everything you wanted to know about the one and only Zacherley.
It's long - but worth it. ZACH's BIO!

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Zacherley Final Memorial Tribute and Memorabilia Auction

On Saturday, April 22, 2017, at the Chiller Theatre Expo in Parsippany, New Jersey, the final official Zacherley Memorial Tribute will be held for fans of the Cool Ghoul. Attending members and guests will each be allowed three minutes to share some final words about John Zacherle and his outstanding creations Roland and Zacherley.

Immediately following the tribute will be a memorabilia auction. The purpose of the auction is to raise funds to finish paying funeral expenses of John Zacherle and to establish a memorial fund dedicated to the Cool Ghoul. The auction will feature a number of personal items belonging to John Zacherle. Augmenting this will be donations of autographed pictures by attending celebrities and items donated by the many vendors at the Expo.

We have also learned that a number of fans will be contributing television props and other items that Zacherley gave them over the years. Please come to the Expo and share in the joy and remembrance of a remarkable individual!!

Zach Auction

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Photo Policy

Many of you have written in wanting to know if you can send in your pictures of Zacherley. Before you do, please read this.

We are willing to accept your photographs under the following conditions:

  1. You write us first and tell us what you have, and we'll respond as soon as possible. If we have the space we'll most likely accept the photo.
  2. We will give you photo credit for the use of your picture.
  3. We are only set up for jpegs at this time.
  4. VERY IMPORTANT: Before sending photos of any kind, please write care of the webmaster and let us know what kind of photos you would like to post. We were flooded recently with pictures of Zach standing at the microphone at Chiller. We have a lot of those.

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