Caption Contest Results!

Grandmom, I think you need your glasses on. Harry’s
knuckles say “Love and Hate”, not “Jake and Elwood”. - Gary

We thought the above was the funniest, but honorable mention goes to...

  • Who brings a candle to a gun fight? - Alex

  • Mom, I was gonna tell you I'm pregnant but now might not be the best time. Goodnight. - Chris

  • No, I'm sorry, Grannie, but I'm sure it's JANIE'S Got a Gun. - Gelvis

  • That's not what I mean by 'snuff the candle,' grandma. - larry

  • "Mom, who is that creepy guy outside?" "He's an encyclopedia salesman." - my

  • Mother, you cannot bring your shotgun to the wedding as your, 'Guest'. - Hallie

  • After I shoot him you could have your candlelight vigil. - THE COUNT

  • Sorry dear, you just can't let him grab em! - Duane

  • But mom, I called shotgun! - StueyP

  • You have to back up for me to shoot out the flame. - Joe

  • Grandma... that's Wayne La Pierre... he's here to help - Talos4

  • Oh great! That darn door-to-door salesman saw your candle! Don't worry, I ready for him! - Stewart

  • Yes, Momma, I set the bear traps on the front and the back porch, made sure all the window gates were locked, and turned the dogs loose downstairs. I’m going to check under my bed now. Good night. - Ida

  • Famous last words. He said he doesn’t love you and that he’s in love with someone else. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, but don’t shoot the messenger. - Zukahr

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