Caption Contest Results!

I just hope she doesn't bring my mother into this again... - Perl

We thought the above was the funniest, but honorable mention goes to...

  • Hello! I'm from Publisher's Clearing House but I left the balloons and the check on the plane. Can I come in? - Larry

  • Thank God this is my last call for the night. The dispatcher said that a woman named Rosemary was in labor... - ida

  • Im Tom Bodette for Motel 6. And well leave the light on for ya. - Stewart

  • Oh crap... shes still awake! - Talos4

  • AVON calling! - huhm

  • Shut that window! What are you trying to do? Air condition the whole neighborhood? - MC

  • Aaaaa No! No! bright light bright light! - Paul

  • But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? ...Or something. - Willie

  • Yes, Lady, I know what time it is. Look, do you want your cable fixed or not?! - Gelvis

  • I can tell already this is gonna be a long night! -Chris

  • Finally! My moment in the spotlight! - Plifbag

  • Fred! I know you really like film noir, but setting up a huge fog machine to fog the whole street is ridiculous! - Stewart

  • This doesn't look like the Hotel Parsippany. Damn it! I knew I shouldn't have relied on that cheap GPS system I got at the K-Mart close-out sale! - DMin1

  • I hate house calls! - jc

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