Caption Contest Results!

Wait, your telling me I coulda used soul glow and avoided this mess? - km

We thought the above was the funniest, but honorable mention goes to...

  • What did I tell you about calling me, Curly Sue!? - Steve

  • ...because when you're a Star, you can grab 'em by the short and curlies. - Gelvis

  • Okay, Iíll take the job, but you gotta wait till my hair dries and I comb it out. My drier broke. - ida

  • Call me Francis again...Iíll kill ya. - Griz

  • Dude, I really don't think the Mike Brady perm is ever going to make a comeback! - Chris

  • In what is turning out to be his final mistake, Raul discovers not only gang leader Carlos' actual orientation, but the secret behind his curly hair. - Stewart

  • Listen, itís the Chiller Theatre convention! You can go and be who you wanna be! Donít you understand me?! - tony

  • Iíd like to speak for all the little people... - rosemarie

  • Do these curlers match my eye's! - Chad

  • You laughing at my curlers I know your not laughing at my curlers better not be laughing at them, there a nice pink don't you think say it, I thought so! - paul

  • Look at me. Vin Diesel couldn't buy this part. - kr

  • Listen... the smokey eye look - it's just not you. - Hallie

  • I told you, Iím a Dapper Dan man! - Perl

  • Give me "The Rachel" or I'll scratch your eyes out! - Duane

  • Oh no! I didnít want you to see me like this! I wanted you to think my jewfro was natural! - Plifbag

  • No Dad... I want to get INTO the Navy... - AD

  • They're not as good as my aluminum hats. I can still hear them calling me. - larry

  • "Don't laugh! I'm going to a 70s party and I'm going as disco Barbra Streisand." - Tony

  • Where is my shaving cream? - jc

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