Caption Contest Results!

Try to be nice... he's kind of self-conscience about it. - Talos4

We thought the above was the funniest, but honorable mention goes to...

  • Who's the wise guy who swapped the monsters head with a ginsu knife? - rosemarie

  • Yes, yes, yes... you will receive royalties from Blue Oyster Cult! - StueyP

  • I'd be mad too if he called my mom a gecko, but we can settle this like adults instead of destroying half of Tokyo. - Lehigh

  • One point Battra... punch to the mid-section. - Plifbag

  • Godzilla hoped no one would learn he was suffering from a Reptile Dysfunction. - Kosmo

  • Godzilla this is my friend Claire, Claire this is Godzilla. - my

  • Get him some deodorant! - jc

  • Hey, guysl! Howís it going? Havenít seen you in a... oh, wait! Iím in the shot. My bad! - stewart

  • C'mon guys - hug it out. - Hallie

  • The cast and crew were growing increasingly disgusted watching Shusuke fall for the old "pull my horn" fart trick. - GB29

  • Remember the rules, guys... No head butts! - Steve

  • Stuck in the middle with you! - ida

  • He raised his whatever first. - larry

  • ...and in this corner, weighing in at 64,000 tons, Megalon! - Bob

  • Hey big fella, step right up! Pull that handle and try your luck! Who knows Godzilla, you might win a buck! - Tony

  • So you're telling me you breathed fire on the Statue of Liberty and all that is left is her torch? - Tony

  • When I say "action", you can fetch; sic em or growl. - Duane

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