Caption Contest Results!

Stewie...Stewie... Is that you? - Perl

We thought the above was the funniest, but honorable mention goes to...

  • “I told you not to eat all those clams, Steve. Now you’re turning into one!” - ida

  • You got an Advil, buddy? Feel like my head's about to explode. - Gelvis

  • 'Attack of the Deployed Airbags!" - Chris

  • Airbag Monster from Another Planet. - fmr

  • While Beth puked in the background , Chet was about to take on the man with the Mylar head. - km

  • I will pop your Mylar head, mister - AD

  • "Put that torch down, my Whoopie Cushion costume is very flammable!" - Steve

  • "I guess they should have included stupid green monsters along with children and babies on those plastic bag warnings! Let's see you fight your way out of a plastic bag! I bet my little trick has left you quite breathless, kelp for brains! Now to save my girlfriend." - Stewart

  • The idea of having an airbag for protection against attacks had one small design flaw. - Plifbag

  • "This is why you never leave home without a road flare." - Chad

  • Happy Honeymoon from the Balloon Saloon! - Duane

  • "I'll fight you, as soon as I take off this 1970s hair dryer." - Tony

  • Listen, Just come with me to my car...I can always use an extra air bag - Artie

  • "Gimme back my birthday balloon!" - jc

  • ?"Can I borrow your Chapstik?" - sf

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