Caption Contest Results!

He always falls asleep after sex! - James

We thought the above was the funniest, but honorable mention goes to...

  • He's dead alright - Except for where it counts! -jc

  • Time for your sponge bath, Frankie... - Griz

  • Marilyn... you can never tell your Aunt Lily. - AD

  • Mom, Dad, this is Frank. I know you’ll just love him. He’s part Irish, part German, part French, part Studebaker... - Plifbag

  • They auditioned for Romeo and Juliet, but got Beauty and the Beast instead. - Tony

  • Ebony and Ivory... - Dr. Bob

  • Arrrrgh! Me invent internet, marry Tipper and make run for president in 2000. - gb

  • 'Yes, I know I'm gorgeous... She's not bad either. - Chris

  • Sooo romantic! I LOVE dining by the soft glow of blazing peasants torches! - Gelvis

  • Wow! I can't believe this! My first week as a nurse at Transylvania General and who is a patient on my floor? None other than one of our biggest celebrities! This is awesome! Frankie, would you mind if I took a selfie? - Stewart

  • Oh, Frankie, darling, I still remember our divine wedding like it was yesterday. I still smile when I think about the little flower girl strewing petals along the path and how when she ran out of petals you picked her up and threw her in the lake... - Kosmo

  • MMMMM... You smell like Embalming Fluid! - Chad

  • Herman Munster, I do. - David

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