Caption Contest Results!

So I ask you... does white... make right? - AD

We thought the above was the funniest, but honorable mention goes to...

  • Officer Jann Hammer of the Fashion Police was convicted by a show of jazz hands for refusing to wear white after Memorial Day. - ida

  • Claude is the host of the new whack-a-mole television game show. - GB29

  • 'Boy! Tough crowd today! - Chris

  • Ghostwriters? Who said anything about Ghostwriters? - Gelvis

  • ďItís not that we see it... itís that we can never UN-SEE it! - Plifbag

  • So much for being entitled to a jury of my peers. - Griz

  • It was at that point the President asked me to drop the investigation and assured me that his hair is in fact real and not a wig. - Lehigh

  • I'm honored that you asked me to give the keynote speech at your convention. Who knew that the Commissioner Bele Fan Club had so many members. I guess Frank Gorshin was a popular guy. Now, on with the speech... - Stewart

  • My name is #6... I was in line to be #1 but that breakfast Burrito had me running from #2 to #3! - Chad

  • W C Fields almost had it right. Actors can't compete with dogs, kids or a room full of sperm. - larry

  • Attention Jury... This is my making of my new movie... The ghost and the frontier. - David

  • Who stole my pencils? - jc

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