Caption Contest Results!

Rapunzel, rapun... what the F! - Gary

We thought the above was the funniest, but honorable mention goes to...

  • Listen, checking your prostate isn't exactly the highlight of MY day either. Just relax while I finish getting into my wetsuit. - Gelvis

  • Thatís what you get for wishing for ten inches. - Griz

  • I donít care what Rudy did...for the last time... youíre too little to play football for The Irish. - Plifbag

  • I am Mr Smally. I'm your traveling salesman. - DR

  • "I found a new King for my chess board. - Tony

  • No one gets to see the Great and Powerful Oz! ≠ Duane

  • Can you help me? I'm looking for Dr Moreau. Capital M, small o, small r, small e, small a, small u - Dr. Moreau. - larry

  • Sorry to bother you, Sir... but didn't the Gorgs used to live here? - Chris

  • Stefan Arngrim is visiting tonight and I thought you and I could entertain him by reenacting a scene from that show he was in. - Stewart

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